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10390407_10205751254283011_4070241691393192583_nTITLE: The Cannonball Run ITEM: Blu Ray CAST: Burt Reynolds, Roger Moore, Farrah Fawcett, Dom DeLuise, Bert Convy, Sammy Davis Jr., Dean Martin, Jack Elam, Terry Bradshaw, Peter Fonda, Jackie Chan, George Furth ORIGINAL AND NEW ARTWORK: The original artwork looks just like this Blu Ray only they added the American Flag, somewhat resembling a Japanese flag, and some other things are added around the original cast member mural,photo-164 including black and white racing flag colors at the bottom… This has always been a great image for this eclectic ensemble cast that worked, unlike some of Burt’s road movies with director Hal Needham, especially the horrendous sequel. PROBLEMS ARE: No problems here at all. This is an example of taking the film’s original artwork and adding enough to make the picture look better than ever, a very rare thing since usually, with DVD or Blu Rays, the original art is replaced with a lame photoshop style image. Luckily for fans of Cannonball Run we get a brand new bag. BACK COVER: The back of the Blu Ray looks almost as cool as the front… A picture that looks like a portrait of Burt Reynolds wearing a tank top holding Farrah Fawecett with three boxes of scenes below… and to the left, under the description, is Terry Bradshaw and Mel Tillis’s car diving into the swimming pool.



10882363_10205727714974543_1413326031938588438_nTITLE: National Lampoon’s Vacation ITEM: Blu Ray celebrating 30th Anniversary. CAST: Chevy Chase, Beveryl D’Angelo, Randy Quaid, Dana Barron, Christie Brinkley, Anthony Michael Hall ORIGINAL ARTWORK: National Lampoon’s Vacation came out in 1983, which was a year after the John Milius/Arnold Schwarzenegger Conan The Barbarian pillaged theaters, and the Vacation poster was a parody: a retro painting ala Frank Franzetta of Chevy Chase with co-star wife Beverly D’Angelo and supermodel cameo Christie Brinkley clinging to each leg like pallid servant girl wenches: also parodying the theme of the movie in which Chase’s put-upon husband/father is anything but in control. NEW ARTWORK: The original artwork was used for the annoying Warner Brothers Snapcase:VACATION+95 the sole source where you could find Vacation, and in full screen ratio, not wide… There was another awful reissue cover replacing the original artwork, but this new crap beats all… PROBLEMS ARE: First off, Chevy Chase portrayed a family man, not a bachelor or businessman, so the fact he has a set of golf clubs over his shoulder and a tennis racquet just doesn’t fit (he’s holding a racquet on the original cover, but replacing a sword it has purpose)… His Caddyshack character Ty Webb would vacation this way but Clark had other junk to carry on the cross-country trip… Also, the moose antler cap is just plain awful, making our hero look like a complete clown when in fact, Clark Griswold was perhaps Chase’s best career performance: he really got into the role as an oblivious suburban dad doing anything and everything possible to make a hellish trip wonderful and failing at every turn… And this new Blu Ray cover ruins everything, plain and simple. If only Vacation were a Warner Archive: the plastic cases may smell awful, but the real artwork is used.



photo-163PROJECT: Animal House CELEBRITY: Tim Matheson CHARACTER: Eric “Otter” Stratten ITEM: Something called a VideoDisc, a cross between a video tape and a laserdisc, and so great to have autographed since they are shaped like a board, and you can place them anywhere in the house. Best of all, they usually have the original artwork unlike so many DVDs. LOCATION: Comic Book Show at the Shrine near USC… STORY: Well this was an excitingPicture+21 day because Tim Matheson had never done an autograph show, and is one of my favorite actors… He was very cool and down to earth, and tripped hard on the video disc itself: he never seen or heard of these things… CLOSURE: My autograph hound buddy JB had something for me to give Tim to sign, for him, and Tim liked it so much he wrote his phone number down, for my friend to call him… It was a cartoon glossy of Tim’s work on THE VIRGINIAN… Tim was at this show because of his voice work on the classic Hanna Barbara cartoon JOHNNY QUEST… He didn’t just sit at a booth, he showed up at 1 and left at 2… The line was long at first then dwindled… I was his first customer and last… Got a few more things signed which will show up here eventually…



photo-162PROJECT: Southern Comfort CELEBRITY: TK Carter CHARACTER: Tyrone Cribbs ITEM: Blu-Ray/DVD Combo, Shout Factory… Turned the fancy front artwork inward and had the original more scant artwork signed up front. LOCATION: A Horror film niche show, DAYS OF THE 88039_fullDEAD, in LA… Went with fellow collector JB from the Courts Celebrity Show at Burbank Airport Marriott at noon, Saturday through thick traffic winding over to the LAX Hilton, parked underground and walked right in… No one checked our tickets… Problem is, I paid for mine a month earlier online, a good $30 that would have been terrific to save. I could only afford one autograph at this show. STORY: TK was at a table with other cast members of THE THING including Thomas Waites and David Clennon… The latter was dressed artistically shabby, carried a laptop case and said, “I just came from a screening of the new movie, GONE GIRL.” I turned to David, who had spoken to me like he’d known me for years, and said with a casual nod, “I heard that’s getting a lot of buzz.” And he replied, wide eyed, “I’m in it!” But back to this particular autograph, TK was pretty thing-palmercool. Lit up remembering CORVETTE SUMMER which I mentioned… TK had a cameo as a car washer, and played in the scene with Brion James… Picture 1Leading us back to SOUTHERN COMFORT where the man provided an awesome signature with his character’s name in quotes. Although he seemed kind of like the odd man out with the other THING dudes, hogging up most of the main table. CLOSURE: More autographs would be nice on this… Missed a chance to get Peter Coyote although my friend got a Coyote on his, which lacks TK… And although having interviewed Les Lannom in the past, he’ll probably never do a show being that hardly anyone would recognize him. So let’s just hope that Fred Ward needs money or attention or a chance to see old friends, or perhaps Keith Carradine, Powers Boothe and more realistically, Lewis Smith: the James Franco of 1980’s peripheral character actors.




Flo15PROJECT: Flo GENRE: Spinoff Sit Com YEAR: 1980-1981 TALENT: Lucy Lee Flippin KNOWN FOR: Little House on the Prairie OTHER PROJECTS: Police Academy 5, Annie Hall, Slapshot, Flashdance, A Perfect World CHARACTER: Fran Castleberry POSITION: Fran is the little… though quite tall… sister of Flo Casteberry, the iconic gum-smacking waitress from the situation comedy Alice starring Linda Lavin and stolen completely by character-actress Polly Holliday, who, probably because of Lavin’s competitive envy, wound up in this, Flo, Polly’s very own spinoff series centering on the beehive waitress returning to her roots in Texas, running a bar called The Yellow Rose with some great character actors including Geoffrey Lewis as a bartender, Sudie Bond as Flo’s mother and our featured player, Lucy Lee Flippin as Flo’s uptight, goody-good sister. CLOSURE: In one of the best episodes, Fran winds up waitressing at the Yellow Rose, and doesn’t know how to click with the truck drivers, many of whom are drinking beer to avoid their wives. EXCLUSIVE MEDIA: Lucy Lee Flippin: “The producers really mishandled Flo, it debuted with fabulous ratings… loved working with everyone but Sudie and Polly did not mesh well.”



tumblr_mtcjlnDhyj1r37tnpo3_r1_500PROJECT: The Killing of a Chinese Bookie GENRE: Neo Noir Indie YEAR: 1976 TALENT: Alice Friedland KNOWN FOR: The Killing of a Chinese Bookie OTHER PROJECTS: The Great Texas Dynamite Chase, Please Don’t Eat My Mother, Sam Peckinpah’s The Killer Elite CHARACTER: Sherry POSITION: Sherry is one of many dancers of the Crazy Horse West run by Ben Gazarra’s Cosmo, who is in debt with a gaggle of slimy mobsters… But Alice’s Sherry is by far the fullest-figured dancer and the fan favorite of the audience within the film itself… She seems to come out last and gets the most applause: the clean-up batter of strippers. CLOSURE: Cosmo is first asked to sell off his ladies to the Chinese Bookie who he is later ordered to kill to get rid of his massive gambling debt: the latter which he actually pulls off… So the end of the movie, after Cosmo has either thwarted or killed the gangsters, is ambiguous, yet it seems his once risky life will not be a long one, making Sherry’s existence within the story unanswered… Although one can assume she gets a job dancing at another club: She’s got talent and great breasts, so why not. In real life, Alice’s acting skills were much better than the 2.2 rating that she unfairly warranted on another wordpress cinema blog… She was quite natural and damn lovely… She can be seen hanging out with James Caan in Sam Peckinpah’s The Killer Elite co-starring Robert Duvall and Bo Hopkins, but Alice’s filmdom is more of the indie nature in projects such as the bank robbing exploitation drive-in flick, The Great Texas Dynamite Chase wherein she does what she does best… dances erotically… And it’s ironical casting since Alice resembles Claudia Jennings, the late great star of Dynamite Chase aka Dynamite Women.  MEDIA: Listen to the Alice Friedland podcast with Skull Island Surfer Cinema on Cult Film Freak.



Cheech4Sep11PROJECT: Cheech and Chong’s Up In Smoke GENRE: Drug Comedy YEAR: 1978 TALENT: June Fairchild KNOWN FOR: Up In Smoke OTHER PROJECTS: Thunderbolt & Lightfoot, Detroit 9000, Pretty Maids All In A Row CHARACTER: Ajax Lady POSITION: A hot, tattered brunette is at a party where Cheech and Chong are hanging out, right before a police bust. GOAL: This lady will obviously always… to quote Tom Skerritt’s doomed minor bird …”Wanna get high.” So when she sees Tommy Chong’s Anthony ‘Man’ Stoner has some powder, she obviously assumes it’s cocaine… And shorts it… But it’s Ajax, and whatever her actual character’s name is, she winds up doing facial contortions and, despite having a perfect body, making like a trumpeting elephant. CLOSURE: Ajax Lady has a friend at this get-together, played by June Fairchild’s fellow cult starlet Cheryl “Rainbeaux” Smith from LASERBLAST, and when Stacy Keach’s busting Sergeant Stedenko hassles the poor girl, Ajax steps in and protects her. VIDEO: if you watch the youtube clip embedded below, it’s apparent June always made hilarious noises long before the iconic Cheech and Chong cameo when she appeared in Jack Nicholson’s directorial counter-culture effort, DRIVE HE SAID, as one of Henry Jaglom’s college students. MEDIA: Join the June Fairchild Fan page and Read The Cult Film Freak Post and review of DRIVE HE SAID.


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